Monday 5 March 2012

"I Name This Walker... Gargantua!"

Hi, All!
The final finished item. At last!

She's finished! At last!

Today has been something of an epic detailing day and I am pleased to announce that fifteen minutes ago, I completed HMSW Gargantua - my most ambitious undertaking to date.

Top Right: leaded glass. Top Left: steps in place, along with handrails. Bottom Right: nameplate. Bottom Left: coal.

Since my last post, I have added leaded glass to the portholes, a retractable ladder to the Aft Gallery, handrails on the Rear Deck, steps from the Main Deck to the Rear Deck, coal in the bunker, a Union Jack and, of course, Her Nameplate.

The view from behind the head. I think the glass really establishes a Victorian look.

The glass turned out well, I think. It was made from acetate, scored with a pin and rubbed with black paint. The frosting effect around the edges is accidental - the fumes from the superglue I used reacted with the acetate. I rather like the effect.

A crewman handles the mouth gun, while the Captain is visible at the controls.

The retractable ladder and the steps had to be made and painted as separate pieces, then fixed in place. Fiddly work!

Left: retractable ladder and Aft Gallery. Right: Flywheel, Aft Gallery and crewman.

The view from beneath. To the left is the clear peg benath the raised foot. You can also make out the ladder at the rear of the vehicle.

I also managed to add a good strong clear peg under the raised foot. The model is now very sturdy indeed and will not need a base. This is important, as it is so big, it will need to pass over forests, houses and other terrain, which would not work with a big clumsy base.

Crew at the ready.

A huge Sheffield-built engine powers this gigantic machine.

A gyrocopter's eye view.

Complete with her crew, Gargantua's a colourful affair. I'm looking forward to getting her onto some approriate terrain.

Gargantua, unmanned. She measures 35cm long by 29cm high.

Today's efforts added a further 78 rivets, bringing the absolute final rivet count to:


I think that's probably enough to satisfy even the most ardent rivet fans out there.

So there you go. Stay tuned for more on the Faraday Galvanic Field Gun and Big Mike the Dinosaur... and a NEW weapon of terror, also started today!

All the Best!


  1. Simply fantastic! It has been a real treat to see this monster come together : )


    1. Thank you, Dave. I'll try to keep treating you with more monsters - but possibly just small ones for a while...

  2. God bless all her may sail ... er ... stride on her.

    Congratulations to the building yard, the architects, the engineers, the armourers, the foremen and even all the navvies, involved in her construction.


    1. Thanks, Roly. And thanks for the mentions on your blog!

      I suspect all who stride in her may find a new meaning of the term 'motion sickness'. I'm ashamed to say it, but comfort semed to slip right off my list of design considerations...

    2. "You may want to factor in a shooting penalty for the crew when she's moving?'
      This comment was issued by my Prussian general in the field... ;-)

    3. Three Gatling guns, four cannons and an entire crew armed with rifles? I'll take those odds, moving or not!

  3. Absolutely amazing. Congratulations.

    Although, I think you may have missed a rivet. Can you recount, please?

  4. I think every expression of favour has been used during the building of Gargantua, and every one is richly deserved! Here's a bumper to Gargantua, may Gawd bless 'er and all who fight in her!

    1. Thanks, AJ, Old Chap! Your comments have been greatly appreciated.

      Would you believe I'm gluing rivets on things this morning?

      Boobly Boo and Rom Pom Pom!


  5. Why, I do believe I can hear some Elgar in the background.

    1. Oddly enough, it's "Mars - The Bringer of War" by Holst... But close enough!

  6. A thoroughly awesome project, worthy of many accolades. ( i missed this post earlier, only seeing your recent dinosaur work!).
    When Gargantua is looking for field trials am happy to press my 'Neu-Bavarians'(ACW) into action as required, supplemented by a couple of pressed cannon, from an earlier period (ECW)... if you wish?
    Of course you may need to figure out some rules for her first!

    1. Looking forward to it! We'll get something sorted soon!

      Um... "Rules"? What's them?

  7. Heel, 'Garganuta', heel boy! Meet your new master - 'Gigantor':

  8. Careful, Roly! I'm not afraid to bite the hand that feeds me!

  9. Absolutely magnificent, sheer madness, but magnificent.

    My only regret is that HMWS Gargantua is across the ditch and so wont be putting in an appearance on any local tables.

    Must resist the urge to start building Steampunk myself...

    1. Thanks, Doug!

      But why resist the urge? Urges are good.

      Well, except for the Great Fanged Urge of Planet Ecks. That's not so good. It's grumpy. And fanged...

  10. I to have discovered the accidental frosting effect of glues on acetate and it was great! Nice work! please check out some of my creations at my sadly neglected website under the Gaslight section.


    Bill W

    1. Hi Bill!

      Checked out your site - excellent stuff! Didn't some of those find their way into the GASLIGHT compendium?

      Very impressive!