Monday 16 May 2011

The Lizard Horde Marches On... slowly... ish...

Hi all.

It's been a few days since my last post, so I thought I should update...

Preparations continue for a long-term Wild West campaign/soap-opera...

Started work on my Pig Iron System Troopers and the scratch-built tank I'm making for them (more later...)

The Dinosaur Behemoth for HOTT is taking shape - I've added armour plating and other bits, but it looks like being a long project!

I've been designing a four-legged walker, along the lines of my Steam Walker, but armed, armoured and huge! I just can't decide between Napoleonic period 'Lacepunk' and VSF 'Steampunk'. Suggestions and comments are welcome! (By the way, thanks to Victoria's Boys in Red ( for featuring my walker so prominently on your page! Much appreciated!)

Meanwhile, the Reptile Horde gains strength... A whole Phalanx of Lizard Spears (converted GW Skinks) is almost complete, along with a Lizard Wizard and some other choice bits and pieces...

All the best!


  1. Very nice work, sir! Those Lizard Spears look mean li'l critters. As for the walker, I'd urge Steampunk - but then, I'm biased. ;)

  2. Thanks, AJ. That's a vote for Steampunk, then. I think I'm leaning that way, myself.

  3. I also vote steampunk. The Lizard bug is catching it seems. My friend has informed me the Lizardmen are restless on Venus and may attack anytime. I place my bet on or around Memorial Day weekend.


  4. Catching Lizardbugs? Are you sure you don't mean Buglizards? They're terrifying!
    You should reassure your friend that the Lizardmen on Venus are aways restless, due to an over-abundance of caffeine-based flora and their days being 115 times as long as ours! Wouldn't you be cranky? I mean, I'm not a morning person myself, so the thought of getting out of bed, having sixty coffees and then having to wait almost two months for lunch...

  5. I will have to inform him of the the Lizardman's crazied caffine dependancy.
    I think he will still continue to rally the troops and barricade the Medicinal Brandy cabinet.

  6. Sounds like a wise precaution... Or he could barricade the troops and rally the brandy. Works for me...