Wednesday 11 May 2011

Now what...?!

Hi all.

A HUGE thank you for the response to Leadwood and the tutorial I put up yesterday! I'm blown away!

Which has got me thinking about what to do next with Leadwood... Greg and I talked some time ago about keeping track of events in Leadwood as a sort of storyline, trying to work real-time into our campaign and documenting the developments of characters, reports on gunfights, feuds and alliances that develop... I can see that maybe it's time to start.

The idea is that we pick a few models (say, five) to begin at Citizen level, and go from there. We may even have some sort of financial system as well as experience, so that new gunfighters can be recruited, busted guns can be replaced, lawmen paid off, surgeons employed...

I hope such a thing would provide a regular entertainment for anyone wishing to visit this blog from time to time...

I'd love to hear all your thoughts and suggestions.

All the best!

Colonel O'Truth


  1. Colonel,

    Might I suggest creating a number of NPC characters (bank personnel, significant hotel staff, "soiled doves", lawmen, gamblers, blacksmith & livery stable fellows, newspaper editior, etc.).

    These will NOT be your player characters . . . but they will be ones that those interact with.

    Also, I highly recommend going to the Hawgleg site to download and read their adventures & senario contest winners for campaign and adventure ideas (you don't have to use their rules to get playable ideas):

    -- Jeff

  2. Thanks, Jeff.
    We have a number of 'Bystanders' and have discussed ways of personalising the Fate Deck to include character-specific events. I'll definitely have a look at hawgleg - the more ideas the better!
    Just spoke to Greg a few minutes ago. We'll be making plans over a beer or six on Friday night!

  3. You may want to check out Legends of the Old West, for such NPCs, campaign and experience ideas etc. I have not played it, but have played Legends of the High Seas which is the pirate themed derivative of the same, and it has all such matters covered, so I would assume LotOW would cover the same matters.