Monday 9 May 2011

Progress so far...

It's been a few days since my last post and I am pleased to report that things are going well for my various bits and pieces.

The Wild West building tutorial will soon be ready (see pic below); I eagerly await the arrival of some Pig Iron system troopers for my new Sci-Fi project, for which my scratch-built tank is nearing completion; I've blown the dust of my partially finished HOTT reptiles and will finish them soon; and Scott Bowman, Abdul666 and others have inspired me to finally paint my Black Scorpion female pirates.

Furthermore, I have started to design a much bigger steam-powered walker and have a pretty clear idea of how my next big project - a Sci-Fi city - will take shape.

Feeling good!

Keep rolling those dice, folks!


  1. Thanks, Christopher. I have a day off work tomorrowso with a bit of luck, I'll finish the model and get the tutorial up on here.

  2. Beware those steam-powered walkers, for they're addictive! ;)

    I've got a few GZG sci-fi figures knocking about somewhere. Someone suggested using GASLIGHT rules for sf gaming. I might dust them off one of these days.

  3. GASLIGHT for sci-fi? Could be good. I've got the rules but have never tried them out. I was originally going to use them for British redcoats on Mars, but you never know...