Friday 16 June 2023

By Jove! I'm In The Talkies!

 Hi, All!

Undercrag - Eastgate

I know... I know... I've been absolutely terrible at keeping this blog up to date in recent years, but rest assured I am still creating!

Some of you already follow me on Instagram - and thanks you for that! 

Colonel O'Truth's Miniature Issues on Instagram

I am now pleased to announce that last night, I launched my YouTube channel, featuring the first three episodes of my latest project: a 10mm scale fantasy city, named Undercrag.

Colonel O'Truth's Miniature Issues on YouTube

I'd love to see you all on there - so please, pop in and say hello!

Undercrag - East Street at Dusk

Tea and crumpets all round!

Undercrag - Northwatch Tower

All the Best!


  1. Jolly good news to hear, old chap! Your InstaGram account promptly followed. Chin chin!

    1. A J! Great to hear from you, old chap! See you over on the YouTubes!

  2. J Womack ‘9418 June 2023 at 03:47

    Finally a reason to join Instagram.