Monday 12 August 2019

I'm invading Old Blighty!

Hi, All!

Wouldn't you know it, but I'm heading to Merrie Olde England for a few weeks!

And since I have family in the Newark area, I thought I'd pop me head in at this year's Partizan Wargaming Show and take bit of a look around.

So if any of you spiffing chaps and chapesses are going to be there and you'd like to say hello, drop me line at

Tally ho!


  1. Newark castle has a great English civil war history and there are 2 surviving civil war earthworks just near it...

  2. Marvelous, old chap! Do enjoy your sojourn in dear Old Blighty. I envy you the trip to Newark. Partizan's my favourite wargames show bar none.

  3. Have a jolly time, your most welcome in the old country. If I'd been in the area at the time I would of bought you a cup of tea.