Sunday 1 May 2011

My first post! Whoopee!


The first post... what does one say? Well, I'm just throwing up a few pics at the moment.

This blog has been brought about largely by the very flattering response to photos that my good friends Greg and Roly posted online of my recently finished miniature town - "Leadwood" - and following a great game and lots of wargaming chit-chat with a few mates earlier today - the Official Unveiling of the town. (The streets were suitably christened in blood, but the battle was won by a gosh-darned Mexican! Who'da thunk it?)

Those pics are on here, soon to be followed by many more (it's a very complex model, with lots of things to look at) along with a few of other projects I'm working on, or have worked on. Under "Old Cowboys" are some shots of earlier work (now owned by Greg) that lead to Leadwood. There are also a few pics of a pirate-ruin that was to be the basis of a modular ruined city built on water.

Other things to come - I'm currently considering a sci-fi city, I'm scratch-building a sci-fi tank from plastic board, and I hope to show fantasy, steampunk and other design ideas.

Watch this blog!


  1. Hi Colonel,
    I love Leadwood and the VSF Walker (of course 15mm is the preferred scale in everything but your village is superb nevertheless) and would love to see some walkthroughs in how you put the buildings together. I'm also looking forward to the Sci-Fi City!


  2. Thanks, Malcolm. Very pleased you like my stuff.

    I prefer 28mm for skirmish games - just the right level of detail and you don't need many models, so why not go large? Building something like Leadwood for 15mm would require a lot more buildings and details such as wanted posters risk becoming very small and blurry.

    On the other hand, for 40mm, there would be too few buildings and the level of detail required is daunting!

    The sci-fi city is taking shape (mostly in my head.) I'm researching materials to use and the shape of the board(s). I hope the results will be as well-received as Leadwood.

    As per walkthrough, see my latest post...