Thursday 9 June 2011

A Ruin Re-Ruined...

Hi all.

As a part of my re-born craze for Steampunk/VSF, I've spent a little bit of time recently resurrecting some bits and pieces.
All my 1880s British Redcoats have been rebased, along with  number of characters, chinese bandits and two yetis. The cavemen that were previously doomed to become slaves in my Crocodile army have been liberated to indulge themselves in a life of B-Movie grunting and terrorising helpless maidens on the jungles of the moon, and I now have a REASON to build lots and lots of oddball machines!

But most of my time for the last couple of nights has been spent resurrecting the ruins I have used from time to time in pics, and little else. These were built ages ago out of foamcore as three stand-alone pieces, but have now been glued down to a board for my new modular all-scales table (more on that later). A bit of paving, a collapsed staircase, a puddle and some grass, et voila! This place is just waiting for a helpless maiden, some priceless artifacts and a nazi spy or six!

Hope you like it. More soon.

All the best!


  1. Excellent - but the place may *also* be just waiting for a helpless maiden, cannibal natives (King Kong worshipers?) or worse, a swashbuckling hero, some priceless Atlantean / Nephilim artifacts and a pirate landing party or six!

  2. @colonel - nice work, I presume the golden dinosaur is some kind of 'statue', is it fixed in place or removeable?

    @abdul666 - now thats an idea I really like!

  3. Great looking scenery! Would love to play a pulp game on there with my adventurers!

  4. Thanks, guys! Glad you like it!

    The statue is a McDonalds toy Godzilla from about twelve years ago, painted gold/green. It isn't glued down. It just sits there... (or does it...?)

    Pirates may well get an opportunity to swash and buckle around the place! I intend to add jungles, big rivers, you name it.

  5. Colonel,

    What wonderful terrain . . . very very fine indeed.

    I do however have a complaint. I'm in my 60s and my eyes aren't what they used to be.

    Your brown text on dark tan background is quite difficult for me (and I suspect, others) to read.

    Please consider adjusting one or both of these colors so that there is more contrast between them.

    -- Jeff

  6. Your wish is my command, Jeff. Et voila! As if by magic!

  7. Thank you, kind sir.

    Of course if I'd known that my wish was your command, I'd have asked for a large amount of money and . . . well, I'd best not go farther because I missed my chance . . . you only grant one wish, right?

    It is easier to read and so I do thank you, sir.

    -- Jeff

  8. Jeff, you are welcome. The customer is always right.

    As far as wishing for money is concerned, wish away! Knock yourself out! I haven't got any...

  9. Just revisiting this blog post... I sense steaming jungle isle, somewhere near the caribbean... you dont happen to have any suitable native injuns' to go with it? I'm thinking Aztec / Myan cannibal types??? Just wonder if your past pulp gaming had led to an aquisition of these as yet.
    I feel my pirate crew needs to go treasure hunting for some pagan idol relics...
    Can you help?

  10. Pagan Idol? Wasn't she Billy's wife?


    I have some unfinished cavemen - the Raquel Welch kind. Other than that, not much. I could easily knock up a few trinkets and the like, though.

    A tribe of headhunters might be fun. I'll think about it...

  11. LOL ;-)
    OOhhh Raquel Welch, you've got my motor running now...

    Don't panic if nothing immediately suitable, Roly mentioned he has his empress miniatures Maoris, which may do at a pinch, we'll just have to imagine they have already caught and eaten a few hapless crews and kept their muskets! Hopefully they wont know how to fire them and just use them as clubs!