Sunday 12 June 2011

Huge Walker - Construction Begins!

Sergeant Tetley oversees the construction of the devilish new engine and flywheel!
Hi, all.
I've been threatening it for a while and now it has begun! I've sent most of today building the engine and flywheel that will be the main features of my new Walking Landship, the HMSW Gargantua.

The boiler and stack start to take shape, and a rough concept for the flywheel is inserted for reference.
This collossus will eventually be about 45cm long, and stand somewhere around 30-35cm high from her dainty little tippy-toes to the top of her chimney. At this stage, I plan for her to incorporate a gun-deck, head-mounted gatling and a number of other details I won't reveal just yet.

The flywheel is constructed from plastic board and washers. This was a serious pain to do - and I haven't even started on the rivets yet!
So far, she is constructed of foamcore board, cardboard, plasticard rod and sheet, a vivid marger, washers, garden irrigation bits, greenstuff, PVA, superglue, Ados F2 adhesive, and the basic building-block of all model-making equipment everywhere: a toilet-roll inner.
Close-ups as the details start to go on the engine. A furnace is added to the front.
 I'll keep you updated as my monster grows!
Viewed from above. The deck (black board at the moment but soon to be planking) is 30cm long. A neck and head will be added later.

All the best!


  1. Looking very impressive so far. Good work.

  2. How large a table do you have? It must be huge in order to accommodate that monster.

    I have a quote from the Major General (whose site is still down due to server problems or I'd direct you there) on one of my blogs about the "size" of things. Here is the link:

    -- Jeff

  3. Rodger - Thank you, Sir! I'm glad you like it.

    Jeff - I know what you're thinking and I agree. This is so big, it's going to be pretty much useless for gaming (unless it's just stationary).
    I know (and love) the Major General's site - such a shame it appears to be gone for good (I read on TMP that he's into model trains now!!?) and usually I downsize, downsize, downsize.


    I feel like building a huge walker. So I am. And as it's more or less just a display piece, I'm going with the Victorian credo that bigger is better!

  4. Thats going to be seriously impressive I am sure. I do hope you manage to get a game with it as its a lot of work for a display piece!
    If you want it to seriously stretch its legs so to speak, may I humbly offer my 12' x 6' table as a suitable testing ground?
    I also seriously respect that flywheel. Trying to cut curves in plasticard is a real pain the posterior and you sir have done a fine job. Mucho Kudos!

    Keep up the good work that man!

  5. That is one epic project! Looking good so far, you made a lot of progress in just one day.