Monday 8 August 2011

Roll Out The Big Guns!

Hi, All.

Armour plating complete and cannons in place. Things are starting to look dangerous!

Here's the latest on the HMSW Gargantua. I'm a little tired of painting red outlines, so I've taken a break to take a pew pics and post this report.

As you can see, the legs are still missing, but I'm getting close...

Closeups of the gun-ports and red outlining. Discs mark where the legs will attach.
The almost-finished rear deck. I still need to add a ladder and hand-rail around the engine.
The red outlining is a slow process but I think it's worth it for that very Victorian look. I'll try to get up-to-date with it as quickly as I can, and then it's all hands on legs!

Since my last post, the rivet-count has risen by a further 176, to 1,936! And there are a great many more to come when the legs take shape...

I've also begun construction of a steering wheel. Gatling guns and other various details to follow.

So that's all for a bit. More soon!

All The Best!


  1. Very nice work Colonel. Those guns look menacing. I can imagine it firing broadsides! I like the cog-wheel type hatch openers, another nice steampunk touch.
    Question - how did you make the railings? obviously plastic rod for the horizontal, and vertical pole supports but how did you do the round horizontal piece 'holder'? Whas it just sheet cut into a disk with a hole in middle? Or some other clever idea!?

  2. A landship firing broadsides... in any case, far more than a 'mere' landgunboat!

  3. Very, very nice. Enormous effort on this ship. Most people would have given up long ago. Brillant work Colonel.

  4. Thanks, guys!

    Scott - the 'holders' are plastic tube, cut into rings and glued onto pieces of rod.

    Abdul - I hope the final product wll blow you away!

    Rodger - give up? Me? I'm British, Sir! And thanks again!

  5. Wow! Utterly bonkers, but magnificent! And give up after a mere 1,936 rivets? Of course we British don't give up! ;)

  6. That's looking seriously cool!


  7. Thanks Joe. I must have a good look through those plastic goodies available and see what I can come up with myself sometime. I love that kind of detail work. Just excellent.

  8. A J - "Bonkers but magnificent"? Maybe I'll have that on my headstone! Thanks!

    Cristopher - Thanks a lot! Glad you like it!

    Scott - It's the little details that make a good model a great model, don't you think?

  9. Lets hope those tedious Prussians dont get their nasty scone grabbers on the plans for this wonder weapon...I trust youve posted extra sentries and are working at a top secret location old thing?

  10. But of course, Old Chap! I've stowed the designs and the army of boffins required to construct this glorious work of British Engineering in the self-same secret hideway that also houses my favourite scone recipes! Just let the Hun try!

    Armaments include a baffling array of devious devices, as masterminded by that genius of the Empire, Sir Richard Terrific! Good Old Dick!


  11. Excellent stuff, Sir! This is going to be one mean machine!

  12. Thanks, Roly! Just wait until you see my legs!