Wednesday 7 September 2011

A Bit More Leg Work

Hi, All.

Well, it finally happened. I was sitting in my room, looking at the walker, with no intention of working on it tonight, when I suddenly thought to myself, "I know! I'll glue the first leg on!"

Of course, this was not as simple a matter as it might sound... And so began a few hours' work...

The main 'thigh' piston takes shape. The inner cylinder is temporarilyleft unglued so that I can adjust it to fit the pose of the leg.

I had already mostly made the first leg (the others are presently cunningly disguised as a pile of assorted components) but now came the time to build the pistons and associated parts to drive the legs. This, I admit, was something I had been putting off.

The 'thigh' piston loosely dropped into place on two of the three leg parts.

I am hoping that HMSW Gargantua will be free-standing, with no need for a base or supports, other than her own legs. With the spindly design of the legs, I had my doubts.

Thigh piece and driving piston in place.

In order to make the join as strong as I could, one part of the thigh was pinned and glued in place, along with its driving piston, before the rest of the leg was attached to it.

Left: round plates and rivets are added. Right: feed valves and pipes in place (as yet unpainted.)

I also added a couple of plates on which to mount feed valves for the legs. These incorporated the only rivets of the evening - a paltry 12! And little ones at that! Nevertheless, that brings the rivet-count to 2,349!

Then the leg pieces, pistons, et al, were joined together... Much breath was held...

Left: underbelly and drive piston. Right: knee and thigh piston.

Of course, there is still work to do just to finish this one leg, but it's getting near beddy-bye time.

Scale-shot. Sergeant Tetley, anticipating a bumpy ride...

So there you go: So far, so good. Hope you're enjoying this somewhat time-consuming project!

More soon...

All The Best!


  1. Gargantua's going to be a formidable piece of work when she's done! Getting close now, old chap. The finishing line's in sight, what? ;)

  2. I should say so, Sir! It's just over there, tied between those two enraged donkeys! Problem is, they're runnin' away!

    Tally ho! Chaaarge!

  3. I really hate you. Really. With a passion. That Steampunk AT-AT is the nicest thing I have seen! Well done and much hate sent your way.


  4. Well, JP, I suppose it should be a matter of pride for me to be hated by a chap with a somewhat French-sounding name! I consider my work done!

    And merci beaucoup for the compliments!

  5. She's coming on strong Colonel! One down, three to go. Battle beckons.
    How are the troops going to support her in action? We've seen Seargents Tetley and Boddington, wheres the rest of the men?

  6. Fear not, my worthy adversary! I have plenty of men already and more on the way - not to mention a surprise or two!