Sunday 11 March 2012

How to Train Your Dinosaur...

Hi, All!

Onwards to glory, Big Mike!

This evening, I am pleased to announce that the Faraday Galvanic Field gun, generator and Big Mike are complete!

The finished train. 28cm long.

Since my last post the generator has been finished and painted (as has the driver) Big Mike and both wagons have been based, and  Big Mike has been given some reins.

From above.

Admittedly, I need an engineer for the generator, but I don't have an appropriate figure to hand. I'll have to go searching.

Generator from the sides. Lots of red and metallic colours contrast nicely with the dusty ground of the base.

Generator from back (left) and front (right).

It occurs to me that I own more of these dinosaurs and wagons...

New and Improved Big Mike! Now comes with reins!

Big Mike's reins were made from very thin strips of brass sheet. I've got loads of this stuff, liberated from used-up tubed of tomato puree. They hold their shape nicely and go all the way to the driver, overlapping the join between the separately-based models. (I decided to base the three parts separately, of course, to allow for maneuverability on the table top.)

Reins extend to the driver.

I must say that I'm very pleased with how this has turned out. It started as a bit of a silly idea when I was just messing with bits of junk and has turned into something I'm rather proud of! Can't wait to get it onto the battlefield!

Wagons, ho!

Not a bad result, if I say so myself!

That's all for now - there's a new weapon on my table as we speak. Watch this space!

All the Best!


  1. Excellent stuff indeed.

    I think we need to sit down some time and try and properly figure out the GASLIGHT rules again and how you spec up the contraptions!

    1. Sounds like a plan. We may need booze.

      Until then, I'll just keep building stuff, shall I?

    2. I'm sure booze will aid our discussion definitely! ;-)

      In the meantime feel free to continue your constructions, and if you have anything left over, be a dear and stick some black Maltese shaped crosses on them ;-)

    3. Are you suggesting, Herr Bauermann, that a loyal subject of Her Majesty would manufacture weapons, sell them to a foreign power and then encourage a war?

      That, Sir, is certainly not cricket!

  2. Genius, absolute genius! It looks splendid all painted up and based and although I have absolutely no idea how it would be incorporated into a set of rules I find myself not caring a jot. All I know is that I want one! Looking forward to more madness Colonel,

    1. Thanks, Michael!

      Quite right! I'm not going let a little thing like rules stop me building outrageous contraptions! There lies the restrictive and unimaginitive path of Corporate Wargaming! (Naming no names...)

      Build it and then make the rules fit! That's my motto!


    2. Thankfully that's exactly what GASLIGHT allows you to do!

  3. A jewel, a real jewel! Amazing work.

  4. Replies
    1. Succinct and to the point, AJ old chap! Proving once again that you're a tremendous judge of all things rivetted.

      How's the wife?

  5. Absolutely wonderful. Well done sir. "How to train your dinosaur", I see what you did there...

    1. Thank you, Papa...

      Good to know all those years at Mad Bishop Pontigford's School for Boys Without A Sense of Humour weren't wasted!

  6. I salute your steadfast refusal to yeild to normality and all things boring...bravo Sir.

    Top marks for refusing the overly overt overtures of the unspeakably fiendish Prussian, Herr Bauermann...keep Dinosaurs British I say what!

    1. And I salute you back, Sir! Because saluting is fun and it keeps me drinking arm in shape, what!

      Not only Dinosaurs but Steam, Rivets, Elastic-Trickery and All-Things-Technowotsitological! Huzzah and bottoms up!