Monday 28 May 2012

Good Sense Prevails

Hi, All!

Thomson Tank-Engines. Armoured and ready.

I was surprised at the response my latest creations received both here and on various wargaming forums... Not many comments at all, and mostly positive.

"Hmmm," thunk I, "Should I be reading between the lines here...?"

Both Tank-Engines with armoured boilers. I may make other variations such as rams, minesweepers, etc.

So, read between the lines I did... And concluded that perhaps my Tank-Engines ought to be a little less comic and a little more, well, wargamey.

The result was that in a moment of madness, I sliced their faces off.

"Lord Thomson" with even more rivets! What a joy to behold!

It then occurred to me that I could have the best of both worlds - unbelievable silliness and, um, believable silliness. If I were to make new fronts for the engines on metal washers, I could magnetise them to make them removable.

Magnetised fronts are now interchageable.
 Hey presto! Interchangeable faces!

The work took about two hours and added a further 46 rivets to each vehicle, bringing their totals to 485 each! (Yes, that's 970 all up. Cool, huh?)

"Sir Percival"

I now consider the boilers to be armoured. Let's see if the Prussians dare...

Meanwhile, the Bazalgette Light Armoured Perambulatory Contrivance is close to completion. The first coat of paint has gone on and her rivet count is up to 414! More on that soon...

Keep watching, folks!

Two Thomson Tank-Engines flank the Faraday Galvanic Field Gun (and Big Mike)

All the Best!


  1. Oh thank the Gods you did that! A great improvement. I think your between the lines reading was spot on!
    Still the 'other' fronts are very cute - and will be a welcome change of pace for when you are 'in the mood'

  2. I'm no diplomat. I understand the whimsy - and I like some in my games. But those faces... I hated them.

    Your solution is an excellent compromise - you've got the best of both worlds.

  3. Thank you, Sir.

    Actually, there is a possibility that the faces will end up as fridge magnets!

  4. Now I'm just waiting for Oscar to pop out of the new fronts!!!

  5. Hmmm... Maybe a steam-powered Big Bird next...?

  6. Indeed the best of both worlds.

    Marvelous jewels of inventiveness and skill, as always.

    Then, if I may... are not tracked vehicles a little too modern-looking for VSF? That's the only reservation I had, from the start, about this project. 100% personal, of course.

  7. Well it would be churlish of me not to admit that the new solution is the way forward, but I really liked the faces! That said, so strong is our recognition of the colours that represent the little engines that it really doesn't matter. Either way a wonderful, inventive piece of work that brought a smile to my face, thank you.

  8. The compromise seems to be the way to go. While I was amused by the faces, I am sure would not necessarily be welcome on some tables.

  9. An excellent compromise, I feel. The faces are a blend of cute and Samurai-mask horrific, which would work very well on a battlefield against native types. The metal fronts look more appropriate to a battle against the dastardly French or Prussian hordes. Jolly well done!

  10. Thank you very much, gentlemen. It appears I was right to make the changes - a much greater response now that I have!

    I actually prefer the new version but the 'Thomas' thing had been rattling around in my head for ages, so I just had to do something with it. Glad I did.

    Abdul - tracks in VSF? Why not? Less believable than giant energy cannons made from halogen lamps?