Wednesday 30 May 2012

Suit You, Sir!

Hi, All!

Bazalgette Light Armoured Perambulatory Contivance - ready for battle! ... almost...

I've been threatening to update my reports on the progress of the Bazalgette Light Armoured Perambulatory Contrivance for a while now, so as she's starting to look almost finished, I thought I ought to take a moment...

Lieutenant Boddington gets a little excited as the new terror takes shape

...there. That was nice...

Anyway, as you can see, I've made quite a bit of progress since my last report on this project.

Body detailing, gatling guns and pistons are added.
Details are painted. A fairly simple pallette of red, brass and black. Ink washes and drybrushing add depth and weathering.
Up-close and personal..

The BLAP-C now sports pistons in all the right places; guitar-string-conduits; many, many rivets (wait for it...); a twin gatling gun and somewhat detailed controls for the gunner and driver. All that remains is a mechanical right hand (still in planning) and glass canopies for the head and chest...

Leg details: pistons drive knees and ankles.

Guitar strings are added after painting. And a lot of rivets, of course!

This creation took something of a back seat while I worked on the Thomson Tank-Engines (see my "Weapons of Mass Delusion" page) - and I'm glad it did. Coming back to it a little at a time has definitely produced a good result. I was becoming impatient with this machine, and was in danger of rushing it. Walking away from your work can be a very good thing sometimes.

Boiler and chimney - before painting.

Boiler, access ladders, steam conduits, etc. after painting.

I was recently e-mailed by Nate, a fellow enthusiast. During our correspondence, I pointed out that no project ever ends up exactly as you imagined it would - you never really know what you've got until it's finished. This is definitely true in the case of the BLAP-C. I picked up a cheap, simple toy and thought, "Hmmm... This should be a nice quick, easy project..."

How wrong I was.

That said, I didn't expect to be as pleased with the result as I am (so far - touch wood!).

The driver - comfortable and in control, but no doubt wondering when his bullet-proof glass canopy will be installed.

In theory (note the disclaimer - very similar in context to the preface, "Allegedly...") there is not a lot left to do. I need to build the right hand, glass-in the chest and head, and detail the base. British markings, etc. will be added here and there.

Cockpit details. I was in danger of skimping here. Glad I took time out.
Green knobs on the levers contrast with the rest of the colour scheme.

Soon to be closed-in forever...

Other than that, she's more or less complete. Which is a nice feeling.

I started this blog just over a year ago, mostly featuring Leadwood, my Wild West town. Back then, I figured I would largely be sharing insights, tips and techniques regarding terrain-building. Hmmm... Let's take a look at recent work...

HMSW Gargantua
The Faraday Galvanic Field Gun (and Big Mike)
The Thomson Tank-Engines
The Bazalgette Light Armoured Perambulatory Contrivace

Maybe it's time I made some terrain for a bit? After all, my awesome British Victorian Sci-Fi army doesn't actually have a battlefield right now.

Wouldn't want to disappoint the lads, eh what?

Not a knees-ey photograph to take...

Oh yes, almost forgot... Rivet Count so far: 414!
More on the Bazalgette blah blah blah soon!

All the Best!


  1. Wow! A thing of beauty and wonder Sir. Such an inspirational set of posts from its humble beginnings to now near completion. As good as it looks; I can't wait to see it with the markings and final pieces in place. Simply brilliant!

  2. Thanks, Michael! I'll try not to disappoint.

    By the way, sorry I had to slice Thomas' face off!

  3. And the Colonel pulls off another one. Well done, sir. I really like the double Gatling arm - very intimidating.

    1. Why thank you, Sir.

      Always a pleasure to intimidate a fellow enthusiast.

  4. An elegant contrivance, to be sure. I love the weathering effects and all the details. I can practically smell the peppery scent of live steam.

    1. I'm glad you're impressed, Old Boy... Although the smell may be my socks...

  5. It is great work, and I know what you mean about taking a break and going back to things with a fresh mindset.

    The red colour scheme matches the Brits jackets wonderfully, but I cant help look at this thing, and with recent 'fordykay' activities, ponder whether this was an early forerunner to the BloodAngels Furioso Dreadnaught ! ? ;-)

    I look forward to seeing its completion.

    1. Scott, oh dear, oh dear.

      GW? Me? I think not...

      Glad you like it though. I bet your Prussian inventions are looking incredible!

    2. LOL... erm, Prussian inventions?... a this point still very much in thought only old boy... but still the Kaisers engineers have the finest contraptions ready in blueprint form! ;-)

    3. So you're planning to hit my lads with rolls of paper, then? Hmmm... a curious but undeniably original strategy...