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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Death From Above!

Hi, All!

Lightning cannons armed and ready... Tally ho!

More development on the Hydrothermicopters front this week...

To be honest, I have been repeatedly asking myself, "Why, oh why did you choose to make two of these blasted things...?!"

Largely unadorned Hydrothermicopter... At this stage, I wasn't certain what the big fat nose cone was all about...

Well, I suppose because I can. So I did. But when embarking upon producing duplicate models, one ventures into dangerous territory. The best way to approach multiple-model-construction is to adopt a 'production line' attitude: Do all the green stuff. Then all the rivets. Then the first coat. Then the blah blah blah... 

Tail-plane details are added, along with some nice bendy chimneys...

...And another colourful bead or two. If in doubt, folks, glue on more bits of stuff...

You see the problem? It's boring.

What should be a fun project of discovery and invention quickly becomes a mundane routine. Not to mention the frustration of suddenly realising you've missed bits or can't find another of that part you need that you just glued to the other one...

The cockpit is shaped using plastic board and white Miliput.

Am I ranting? Probably. I tend to do that sometimes...

The fuselage. Landing gear are made from the end of a plastic fork with all but two prongs removed. Piping, brackets and rivets are added. Greenstuff fills gaps and adds detail to the plastic cylinders.

Anyway, I am pleased that I stuck with it, because these two airborne Weapons of Mass Delusion are now looking rather splendid and are awaiting their first coat of paint. Each has been fitted with a Lightning Cannon and soon I will begin adding the aircrews and more cockpit details...

Cockpit detailing begins. At this point, the cockpit will have to be painted before further details and crew are added.

And it feels so good to be able to give you all a....


RIVET COUNT!!!!!! (sigh... It's been so long...!)

Each Hydrothermicopter is so far adorned with a total of 232 RIVETS! ...not counting the ones I pressed into the brass rotor blades (they feel a bit like cheating...)

That's 464 rivets so far on this project, doubtless with a few more to come.

So there you go, folks - they're coming along nicely. And have no fear! I haven't forgotten about the Flunks... The female and calf have had a little attention this week, too. But more about that later...

Big Momma Flunk. Taking shape.

Oh well, that's that for this post. More soon!

Wuppa wuppa wuppa, choo choo!

All the Best!


  1. Very nicely detailed models. Your perseverance in rivet application is trophy worthy, Sir. Your scratched model is great in all of its parts. In particular I like the interior detail. Thanks for sharing your hard and imaginative work.

  2. Thanks, Jay.

    For my sins, I created a monster when I began hand-gluing rivets... Now it's a matter of pride, sheer bloody-mindedness and possibly a touch of stupidity...

    Very glad you like the Hydrothermicopters. More cockpit detailing to come...

  3. Simply splendid Sir, the last word I would use to describe your work would be 'boring'.

    1. Thank you, Michael, Old Chap.

      I'm so very glad you don't find my work boring. Please feel free to glue on a few hundred rivets for me any time you like...

  4. More great work Joe - I am amazed you can keep motivated with it all - I am still struggling to get started on a first project... too many other distractions demand my attention...

    1. I know! It's almost as if I'm intent on providing everything myself...

  5. Your obsession with rivets and all thing steampunk is our greatest delight Sir...odd, most undoubtedly, but delightful all the same.
    Have you considered getting out more or do the insistent voices in your head tell you to keep glueing rivets?

    1. You know about the voices?!

      Thank goodness! I thought I was imagining things! Or maybe it was the superglue fumes...