Tuesday 31 May 2011

An evening (or two) with the Perry Twins

Hi all.
It's been a while since my last post, largely due to work and boring stuff like that, but things continue to evolve here at Chez Colonel...
Left to right, back to front: Notorious Greg; Christopher (Spawn of Greg) Simmonds; Simon "Backshootin' Lowdown Good-Fer-Nothin'" (Spawn of von Peter Himself) Haldezos; Yours Truly; von Peter Himself; Alan Perry; Michael Perry

This week's highlight was a couple of evenings with the Pery Twins, who come over here to NZ every now and then and, when possible,  meet up with the Kapiti Fusiliers, their associates and other various nefarious interlopers (i.e; Me.)

Saturday evening took the form of a beer or six at Mac's Brewery in Wellington, and a pleasant time was had by all. The Perrys were their usual jovial, gracious and generous selves and the drinking and model-making chat continued long into the night when they joined myself and Notorious Greg for further boozing at Molly Malone's.

And there it might have ended, but...

To my great delight, Alan and Michael were at a loose end on Sunday evening, and so joined a few of us at Notorious Greg's house for a gunfight. Leadwood was duly transported to Greg's place, hot pork sandwiches and beers were served, and battle was joined...

On Michael Perry's side:
Me, Notorious Greg, and von Peter Himself.

On Alan Perry's side:
Christopher (Spawn of Notorious Greg) Simmonds, and Simon "Backshootin' Lowdown Good-Fer-Nothin'" (Spawn of von Peter Himself) Haldezos.

Twenty Four Little Lead Gunmen proceeded to wreak havoc on the streets of Leadwood.

Things went rather badly for our side, it has to be said. I won't go into painstaking detail but, in brief, here's what happened:

Battle report, battle report, dice, dice, measure, bloodbloodbloodblood, ouch!, run away!...  Bullets flew, fists met chins, rifle-butts were viciously thrust into heads, guts and other painful bits and grown men were reduced to yellow-bellied petticoat-wearin' nancy boys! In the end, we were (to use military vernacular) hammered, smashed, bludgeoned and otherwise soundly beaten.

Anyway, fun was had by all.

My thanks to Alan and Michael and my fellow gamers. I hope we get the chance again!

In other news:
My new walker is rapidly taking shape on paper and I hope to put knife to plastic very soon...
More Crocs from Hordes Mercenaries are on their way to join the horde...
10mm Fantasy is coming on nicely...
And Oh, so much more...!

Watch this space, folks...

All the best!


  1. Sounds like a very enjoyable time.

  2. Nice picture! So were Alan and Michael suitably motivated to start sculpting up some cowboys!?

  3. Who knows? They laughed and said they were probably too busy... But then, they have just released an Old West store and some ACW rioting civilians, so...?

  4. Cool! After playing on your board, how could they not be inspired? ;-) I certainly was, although its took me off in a slightly different direction.

    "meet up with the Kapiti Fusiliers, their associates and other various nefarious interlopers (i.e; Me.)" - mate from the quality of your work and your Geographic location, I'd simply say, you are indeed one of the Kapiti Fusiliers!



  5. Thanks, Scott. Ahh, such kind words! But I kind of liked being a nefarious interloper...

  6. Must be nice to have the Perry twins drop in for a game!