Sunday 13 November 2011

A little bit of naval gazing...

Hi, All!
Roger the Cabin Boy employs the age-old stealth technique of shouting a lot...

Well, paint me blue and call me Susan! It's been two months since my last post! TWO MONTHS!

I could go on and on about work commitments, kids, and secret missions to obscure hotels with dusky foreign maidens, but you wouldn't be interested in that...

Anyway, here I am. Sorry for the delay.

Commander Smythe-Smythe-Harrington-Smythely. He tends to do a lot of pointing.

After such a long break from counting rivets, I have allowed myself to slip slowly back into the hobby with some nice, simple painting. And I have to report that despite complaints from Lieutenant Boddington and his army-types, I have decreed that HMSW Gargantua will be filled with a load of salty seamen as soon as possible.

So here they are.


These fine fellows (from Copplestone Castings) have been coloured using my usual ink techniques. And I think you'll agree, they've come out rather well. Granted, the blue may not be very dark, but I like 'em. And as far as wargaming goes (and other things too, for that matter): If it ain't pretty, I ain't playin' with it!

On the good ship Gargantua...

Captain Birdseye at the helm. Or at least, where the helm will eventually be...

And that's about that for now. I promise to get back into regular blogging and the continuing development of HMSW Gargantua. Watch this space, chaps and chapesses!

All the Best!


  1. Great to see you back again, I was beginning to get worried!
    "secret missions to obscure hotels with dusky foreign maidens"... oh go on, do tell... ;-)
    Could make a Pulp scenario out of that!

    Great job on the navy types.
    Keep up the good work that man.

  2. You wrote, "...secret missions to obscure hotels with dusky foreign maidens, but you wouldn't be interested in that..."

    Well, you are wrong.

    We are always interested in finding out about obscure hotels. We expect concise reviews of these hotels and their possible uses for gaming.

    -- Jeff

  3. As Bluebear Jeff said, but with photos too.

  4. Welcome back, old chap! Life does tend to get in the way of the fun stuff, as we all know - although an account of Pulpish adventures with dusky maidens (with photos, as Rodger requests) wouldn't go amiss!

    Where was I..? Oh yes, rather spiffing miniatures, too!

  5. Thanks, Chaps! Good to be back at the sharp pointy end of modelmaking after my sojourn...

    However, in the interests of national security, my other thrilling jaunts will have to remain a secret known only to myself and Womans' Weekly!

    Tally Ho!

  6. Huzzah and Hurrah! Good to see old Smythely again, I haven't caught up with him since that Bordello burnt down under mysterious circumstances in Valetta...

    Yours in a white wine sauce!

  7. I don't think my old ticker could handle photos of dusky maidens. However, scale model drawings of the exotic hotels might be useful.