Thursday 15 December 2011

Proof of Life!

Hi, All!

She survived the move! And now for the continuation...

OK - I know I promised I'd blog more frequently... and then stopped again... but now I REALLY PROMISE I'll do more!

Actually, it's been a busy time of late, what with moving house and conferences in Auckland etc, etc. But now that work has settled down and (most of) my life is no longer in cardboard boxes, it's time to get hobbyising again! Huzzah!

See!? I am working again! I am!

Just to prove it, here are some pics of leg-type bits for HMSW Gargantua, all laid out on me nice big dining table this very eve! Soon the smell of glue will fill the air and I shall be giggliing insanely as I count rivets!

A pile of feety bits! What a lovely sight!

So enough waffle from me! Bring on the solvents!

Leg bits! And look! Rivets! Yay for rivets! I've missed 'em! Ahahahahahaha!

All the Best!


  1. Nice to see you are up and running again. Bring on the rivets and glue!

  2. Wonderful to have you back again ol' chap. If the glue fumes and rivet counting threaten to get on top of you, I'll bring the chaps in whitecoats round ... ;-)

  3. Aah, he's back! I'm glad you and yours survived the move, old bean. Here's to many more happy hours creating and counting rivets! ;)

  4. Thanks, chaps! It's jolly spiffing to receive such words of encouragement from one's peers!

    I've been working on the next leg today. All rivetted up and ready for a lick of paint. Pics and suchlike soon.

  5. I do like waffles, daddy. Actually, I've never had waffles. Waffle on, indeed! Pancake away! Spiffing and whatnot. While you're out Chrimby shopping, we need more waffles. The cat et 'em all.