Sunday 22 May 2011

A day for a few bits of stuff...

Things seem to be getting carried away...
Having done a little work on my 10mm cavalry this morning, my son and I went in search of plastic board (for basing and making tanks, VSF walkers and the like) and 10mm foamcore (for constructing a new hex-based table)

We then indulged ourselves with a most enjoyable game of Crossfire - our first in a long time. We each fielded only a company of troops, circa 1943, on a 4'x4' table wth fairly simple terrain - just a few woods and hills, a church, a farm and a ruin. I am pleased to report that his Americans were kicked about pretty hard by my Germans. We'll be playing a lot more, with more troops soon.

I spent the rest of the evening thinking about hexagons. It's a curse, this damned hobby!

Still on the production line:
Lots of 10mm fantasy guys,
A really big dinosaur with armour, scars, spikes and attitude
Lizards with big swords
A scratch-built sci-fi tank
Pig Iron System Troopers
A new, four-legged, steam-powered walker

But if you think I'm obsessed, check out this guy!

All the best.

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