Monday 27 February 2012

The Beginning of the End

Hi, All!

HMSW Gargantua on a training exercise with the garrison of Tzu-I-Saed Mission.

Here we go then: the final detailing of HMSW Gargantua has begun. The structure is complete, the crew are ready. It's nearly time...

Steps will extend from the bare metal plate in the Main Deck to the Aft Deck, above the flywheel.

For those of you who are interested, the following details need to be added before this rather long-winded project can be considered done:

  • Handrails (or chains) on the Rear Deck, around the engine.
  • Rope ladder from the Aft Gallery.
  • Steps between the Main Deck and the Rear Deck.
  • Guns mounted on Fo'c'sle and in the 'mouth'.
  • A Union Jack.
  • Coal in the coal bunker.
  • Glass in the portholes.
  • Control panels, dials, levers, etc. in the head.
  • Extra studs under the raised Front Port Foot.
  • Green stuff to seal valves.
  • A clear (discreet) support under Front Port Foot.
  • A name plate.
  • Yorkshire Roses and other British markings.
  • Brass paint to touch up on pistons.
 So not much, then...

Glass will be fitted to the portholes and instrument panels designed for inside the head.
The Aft Gallery, almost complete.

Since my last post, little has been done but today's the day! I have already added a handrail and tread boards on the Aft Gallery, incorporating a further 22 rivets, bringing the rivet count to:

And I daresay there will be more. I'll keep you posted as things develop.

Shhh! Engage Stealth Mode!

Check out my next post for some model making silliness I indulged in last night...

All The Best!


  1. Superb work, sir! The nameplate is a nice touch of civic pride, but won't it be hidden by the stairway?