Monday 27 February 2012

A Bit of Silliness...

Hi, All!

The "Faraday Gun" in production...

Two posts in one day! Whatever has got into me?

I took a break from HMSW Gargantua last night to play with a few bits and bobs. I've had an idea ingering in my head for some time that I'd like to design some sort of weapon using the reflector from an MR16 halogen lamp - I handle thousands of these in my day job...

MR16 halogen lamp reflector. Ooh! Pretty colours!

Anyway, as you do, I started gluing stuff together...

Needs more rivets!

Specifically, this model incorporates:
  • An MR16 lamp
  • A sewing machine foot
  • A die-cast pencil-sharpener wagon
  • Irrigation system bits
  • Styrene board, tubes and rods
  • A toy Edmontosaurus
  • A British Officer from Black Tree
  • A converted wagon driver from Old Glory (I think!) with the head of a British soldier from Black Tree
  • A copper press-stud
  • Cogs from a Twink correction tape dispenser
 I considered having the wagon pulled by a team of mules but they looked rather puny - and anyway, I like dinosaurs! Obviously, I'll be modelling some form of harness onto him.

Green Stuff is required to finish the driver. Brass cables and tubes will also be added after painting.

This shouldn't take long to paint, so I'll soon have a Galvanic Field Gun with which to pound the enemies of Empire!

Oh, yes... I should probably mention that I have so far added 119 rivets!


All The Best!


  1. Again, that is a great scratch build. My hat's off to you!

    1. Many thanks, my friend! Just finished the undercoat - looking better already!

  2. Very clever, somehow I had a feeling you'd come up with something like this... Have you thought any rules for it as yet (presumeably GASLIGHT derived)?

    1. Yes - it was inevitable, I suppose. I thought to myself, "Wait... Scott's going to have to design something to defeat Gargantua... I need a big gun!" So I did.

      Rules? What's them?

      GASLIGHT it wil be, of course. But I'm having too much fun to waste time on technicalities!

  3. Oh blimey, 'ee's orf agin... Seriously, delightfully dotty work, sir! A neat companion to Gargantua.

    1. Why, thank you, Sir! Metallic paint going on... Controls for Gargantua complete... Fuzzy Wuzzies sighted!

      Tally ho!

  4. Oh huzzah! I love it!

    I love the Faraday Cannon.

  5. I love it :) Great use of an array of stuff

    1. Thanks! It's fun to mess with all sorts of bits and pieces. I actually glued about three different versions together and pulled them apart again before I was happy.