Sunday 22 April 2012

What's Green and Dangerous...?

Hi, All!

Steam tank - still in training...

I am happy to report that the steam tank has come along nicely today and shouldn't take too long to finish now. After an epic session of rivets and glue, the first coats of paint went on this afternoon.

Rivets are added. Lots of 'em!

Obviously, there is still a fair bit of detailing to do, but it's surprising how fast these things can come together when you have a ready supply of coffee. I even managed to get the housework done by cutting one hundred rivets at a time, gluing them on, then performing a domestic task, and so on...

Undercoat and first coats of colour go on... This is where you say to yourself, "Oh God! It looks terrible!"

I plan to add a gantry to the rear of the tank, in preparation for which, I have to paint the tank first. I won't be able to get a paint brush in there after the gantry goes on. I am still playing with the idea of coupling gear to pull tenders/carriages.

Faraday Flux Projector detail. Nice and bright!

I decided to continue in the somewhat gaudy style I began with the Faraday Galvanic Field Gun... Bright metallic colours contrasting strongly with bold green and the dichroic reflector of the MR11 lamp. No camouflage or khaki here, by Harry! Let the blighters see what they're in for, eh what!?

Rear hatch - a gantry will soon be added.

I'm also considering making alternative weapon variants, as the turret is removable. Maybe a Hotchkiss gun? Steam-pressure rocket launchers? Who knows?

Anyway, for those who care, the rivet-count for this one currently stands at 419. With a few still to go, I daresay. In my next session, I'll be working on the rear gantry, finishing the painting and adding details such as regimental markings, a flag, and (of course) wiggly bits of guitar strings!

That's all for tonight! More soon...

Absolutely First Class armoured transport!

All the Best!


  1. Absolutely wonderful and worth the effort of applying 419 rivets! Looks great now, but really looking forward to finishing details.

    1. Thanks, Michael. Won't be long, I hope.

      Keep watching!

  2. Splendid work Sir. The 'black nose' certainly gives it a parallel with a steam loco - an wonderful blend of train and tank!

    Maybe you could add a scroll-like plaque to the front, or maybe even a cowcatcher or dozer blade under the front to complete the look?

    1. Hmmm... Yes... I have plans for the front details. Still got work to do!

      Glad you're impressed so far.

      Any chance of providing me with some victims soon?

  3. Cool idea, looks suberb!

  4. Thanks, Remco! Welcome on board, Old Chap!