Monday 16 April 2012

Starting to feel a little familiar...

Hi, All!

Steam tank - looking a bit rivety now...

Work continues on both the steam tank and the Bazalgette Light Armoured Perambulatory Contrivance (BLAP-C), with both now in the detailing stages.

BLAP-C, hobbling along at the moment...

The steam tank now sports Faraday Flux Projector side armaments and a few other new details since my last post, as well as, you guessed it... rivets! Lots of 'em. Given that I haven't spent a lot of time on this model this week, it's coming together quite quickly.

Many rivets and a Faraday Flux Projector now adorn the side of the tank.

Closeup of the Faraday Flux Projector. Should look pretty cool when it's painted.

The Faraday Flux Projectors were thrown together using drawing pins and small beads. They are mounted on plastic rod, large beads and cogs from a correction tape spool. The combination of cogs and sci-fi should be sufficiently convincing when they are painted.

Rear hatch with lock. A gantry will be fitted later.

I plan to build a back gantry behind the tank, along the lines of the end of a Victorian train carriage. The big rear hatch has (of course) a trundley-trundley-clunk locking mechanism. It's the law. So does the turret hatch, while the turret itself is now mounted on a big cog for a more VSF feel.

Details are added to the turret. A flagpole will eventually reside in the upright bracket. The turret itself is now mounted on a big cog.

So far then, 193 rivets. With many more to come.

In the case of the BLAP-C, I have applied 88 rivets so far. I need to do a bit of work with green stuff (grrr!) before I can finish the cabin, so I've been putting it off. But have no fear! It will be finished! I swear! Often!

Bazalgette Light Armoured Perambulatory Contrivance... now with rivets!

So there you go. A lot of rivets still to go but I can see light at the end of the tunnel... Which is great, as I have a couple of new vehicles planned that I'd really like to make a start on soon!

"Chuffity, chuffity, chuffity... ZZAAAPP!" went the little train...

All the Best!


  1. Brilliant. Mad, but brilliant! Avidly watching this. :)

    1. Brilliant... yes. Granted. I am.

      But mad??!! What's mad about steam powered tanks with weapons of mass destruction designed by dead British scientists, lovingly reproduced from bits of sellotape roll, thumbtacks, beads and corrugated card?

      OK - sorry. Calm now... Keep watching!

  2. Absolutely wonderful progress; really looking forward to seeing them painted.

    1. thanks, Michael! I'm looking forward to seeing them painted, too! Wonder when it's going to happen...

  3. Beautiful stuff as always. You and Papa Midnight are the grandmasters of VSF scratchbuilding, I think.

    Sadly, I did not win the mega lottery a few weeks ago, so I have been unable to finance the kidnappers. Asked a mint to smuggle you into the country. Bah, humbug. AND the underground lair in which you were to work has run into construction difficulties. Union laborers, you know. Quite distressing.

    1. Dash it all, Sir, you don't have to abduct me - a first class ticket on a luxury ocean liner will do just nicely. And as for union labourers, show 'em the lash or a good old firing line. They'll soon get cracking!

  4. Its all coming together spiffingly sir!

    Just a thought on armament, vis a vis, having read the rules recently... 'powered' weapons, like your electronic faraday thingumajigs, will cease to fire if the vehicle fails a sustain roll... whereas good ol' gumpowder weapons will still keep firing away. You might want to mount a machine gun / gatling somewhere for vehicle self protection in the event of a power failure!

    Scott - still pondering vehicle desings and weaponry options in his VSF dreams...